New MAC Pro Palette Sizes & My MAC Palettes



MAC recently reduced the price of their eyeshadows to $6 and they released new pro palettes. I decided to make and order and make my own eyeshadow palette. With the new pro palettes I can make an eyeshadow palette with 18 shadows instead of the normal 15 shadows that were in MAC’s original pro palette. I do this with three individual 6 pan inserts. This allows me to interchange other individual inserts as shown in the picture.

To decide what I wanted to pick up I watched countless youtube videos of people talking about their favorite MAC eyeshadows and what they have in their own pro palettes. From this I made a list and went into a local Dillard’s that had a MAC counter to swatch their eyeshadows and make my final decision. I placed my order online because there wasn’t a MAC Pro store near me. Since I ordered online I didn’t have to pay tax and I got free two-day shipping. Since I didn’t have to pay tax I went ahead and splurged and made a blush palette as well. Especially since the new pro palette sizes allowed me to make a four pan palette instead of the original six pan size. This was probably the most excited I have ever been for a package to arrive.

Once it arrived I spent I don’t know how long organizing my palettes. I couldn’t be happier with the layout and the way I can interchange the inserts for traveling. I labeled the close-up pictures I took to show you which eyeshadows and blushes I ended up purchasing.

Let me know if you want me to go into detail with swatches and why I chose each eyeshadow and blush. I also plan on doing a MAC makeup lineup at some point since my MAC collection has expanded.



3 thoughts on “New MAC Pro Palette Sizes & My MAC Palettes

  1. Hi Thank you so much for your pictures of the possibilities with the new inserts in the new MAC Pro palettes.
    I’ve been a long time “no palette- pro individual packaging products” girl….then liked the small duos palettes (I don’t like the square format nor the long big palette because there was no combination possible.
    Now that thanks to you, I discovered that we can customize the the “middle sized” and the big one with blushes/CCB and eyeshadows, GREAT!!!!!!, I keep my individuals pots but for my next purchases, I’ll get the new ones (love the 6 es one mainly). And I found a video on youtube saying that we can take off from the duos palettes the inserts and they fit perfectly in the 6es palette… I’ll try this and buy them if it does actually work!
    Thanks again a lot!

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