Health Journey Update: Exercise

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My health journey started at the beginning of this year and over the last four months I have figured out a gym routine that works really good for me. I started with doing strength training in the weight room followed by some cardio and did that for most of the last for months.

About a month and a half ago I decided to start running, this changed up my gym routine. I now run three times a week and do strength training two times a week along with some racquetball on Fridays to have a little fun. For strength training, I work on my arms and shoulders on one day and then my legs and abs on the other day. My running usually consists of running a full 5k at least one day a week the other two days I run 1.5 miles or 2.5 miles just depending on how I’m feeling that day and if I’m sore.

Right after I finished my finals I ran my first 5k. My goal was to finish my 5k in 45 minutes. I managed to finish in 43 minutes and 42 seconds. I had a lot of fun at the 5k and was very proud of myself and all the work I had put in. Since my 5k I have moved back home for the summer which has really affected my workout routine. I now try to run outside instead of on the treadmill because the neighborhood I live in is great for outdoor running. I still run about 3-4 times a week. For strength training, I am picking up yoga again. I didn’t go to very many classes during the semester but now that I am home I have really enjoyed getting my mat back out and working on my practice. Yoga really helps me keep up my strength since I do not have access to the equipment I used in the gym at school.

So far this routine has been great and I feel a lot healthier and better about myself. I look forward to getting on my mat or taking an early morning run. It may suck and I may sweat during my workouts but after I feel so good that makes it worth it. I’ve really been able to combine yoga and running well with the use of the warm up and cool down yoga for runners youtube videos with Yoga By Adriene. The other yoga videos she has on her Yoga For Runners playlist are also great if you run.

Let me know what you get up to when you workout and what your favorite workout has been lately! Also if you have any questions or you want some more details of what I do when I exercise just comment below! I’m no expert, but I can let you know about my personal experience and any other sources I’ve used.


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