Favorite Europe Advice Blogs

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For anyone that may be considering traveling to Europe or backpacking Europe I thought I’d share some of the blog posts that I found that helped me the most in preparing for my trip.

When deciding what to pack I tend to be a bit of an over-packer so I used these posts to help me figure out what I wouldn’t need and what I could get by on:

To determine how much I would be spending a day I referenced The Savy Backpacker’s City Price Guides. Train travel is going to be our main form of transportation to other cities once we arrive and to determine everything we needed to know about train passes we used Rick Steve’s many Train Guides. I also used Rick Steve’s Money Guides to figure out how I wanted to get local currency when abroad. Other posts that I used for planning out my trip were:

The most inclusive post that provided me with the most information on backpacking was The Best Backpacking Tips and Tricks for Europe: The Big List of Awesome posted on Active Backpacker. Hopefully one of these links will help you out if you are ever planning a trip to Europe or any trip in general!

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