The Sunday Post: Grey’s Obsession

Grey’s Anatomy. Just hearing the name brings so many scenes from the show to my mind. All the characters, from the past and present. My continuing love for this show. I have definitely had quite an obsession since I started binge watching it on Netflix last June. After that first season, I was addicted. This… Continue reading The Sunday Post: Grey’s Obsession

Go-To Summer Makeup Products

When summer comes its time to bring out the BB creams, waterproof mascaras, highlighters, and bronzers. These are my go to summer makeup products and I’m going to share my favorite products to use this summer. So this is where we start. Foundation. Where everything in makeup begins. I love BB creams for the summer.… Continue reading Go-To Summer Makeup Products

Book of the Month: Basic Yoga by Glenda Twining

If you cannot tell, I have been really into yoga this month. I have actually been pretty obsessed with yoga since the beginning of 2015. I just recently have been working on getting back into the routine of doing a yoga practice everyday. Whether it is a full workout or just a couple vinyasas and… Continue reading Book of the Month: Basic Yoga by Glenda Twining

My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

Cinnamon Roll Smoothie. Yes it is as good as it sounds. I stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest, of course. I was just searching smoothie recipes and this popped up. I love cinnamon and cinnamon rolls so what could be better, right? Completely right! Even my little brother likes it (which is astounding)! What’s the most… Continue reading My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

My Top 10 Youtube Beauty Gurus

My entire blog started from watching tons of youtube videos. I have quite the obsession with watching beauty tutorials, hauls, and monthly favorites. These are all my favorite people that I ALWAYS stay up-to-date with on youtube (most have their own blogs as well). You will also notice that quite a few of them are… Continue reading My Top 10 Youtube Beauty Gurus

The Sunday Post: Scary Movie? Pass me a pillow please!

Last week on my day off I was spending the day with my best friend, Katelyn. She had the idea of wanting to go see the new movie Insidious: Chapter 3… I wanted to do something, go somewhere, so I agreed. Now keep in mind I hadn’t watched a scary movie in an entire year.… Continue reading The Sunday Post: Scary Movie? Pass me a pillow please!