Skin Update & Current Skin Routine


My last post about my skincare was discussing how the Veltin prescription had really dried out my skin and how I wasn’t seeing very good results. That has all changed now. I had another appointment about six weeks later and I discussed how I hadn’t really seen an improvement in my skin with using PanOxyl and Veltin. She suggested going on an antibotic for a couple of months to kickstart my skin clearing. That completely did the trick. I have only had the rare spot here or there since then!

Since my skin has been doing so wonderful I decided to add a couple more products to make my skin that much better. I met with a Mario Badescu consultant at Ulta one day and she had the exact same problems I had had when I saw the dermatologist so she knew exactly what my skin could use. Firstly, she recommended a hydrating eye cream, the Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream, to work on my dark circles. Next, she recommended the Aloe Moisturizer to help my dry skin stay moisturized. She was astonished when I said I didn’t have a toner to help my pores out and suggested the soothing Special Cucumber Lotion. Lastly, I asked for a mask recommendation that wouldn’t be super drying and she suggested the Whitening Mask.

I added these products into my simple routine of using PanOxyl to cleanse, Veltin to treat, and the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask for an extra boost of moisture when I needed it. So far my skin has been phenomenal! I would recommend every single product! My skin has been doing so well I plan to repurchase every single one of these products when I run out! The eye cream and the mask will last me ages, but I’ll definitely have to repurchase the moisturizer and toner pretty soon. I’ve really only been using tinted moisturizers for my base for the past month or so. I’m overjoyed with how well my skin is doing right now. I cannot wait for my next dermatologist appointment to share the good news!

If there are any other Mario Badescu products you might recommend I’d love to hear them! Specifically, I’m looking for a cleanser for the mornings that is gentle and doesn’t have the benzoyl peroxide in it that the PanOxyl does. If you have any questions about my skin or my skincare routine feel free to ask!

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