Review on “All the New Foundations”


A few weeks ago I hauled three new foundations: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation, Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick. The one I was most excited about was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation, however, I was pleasantly surprised with what I thought of each foundation.

The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation was a last minute decision that I didn’t actually plan on picking up. However, I needed a perfect color match and the price wasn’t bad so into the bag it went. I didn’t really have any expectations for this foundation. The first time I wore it I applied a very light amount to just get a light coverage and it blended out flawlessly. It looked super natural and was very long wearing. I can even use it as a spot concealer. I also really like it when I wear it as a medium to full coverage. I’m shocked at the pigment that is in this foundation. It can cover anything and still not look cakey. Overall, an amazing foundation and if you are someone who likes full or medium coverage foundation!

Next up, the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation is another new foundation that is out that peaked my interest. I have never really tested out any super full coverage foundation and I was hearing rave reviews of this foundation. I did keep in mind that the foundation oxidizes pretty bad so I swatched so shades in the store and let them fully oxidize on the back of my hand while I continued shopping. This worked perfectly and I found my match in shade 2.0. Upon first using this foundation I used one pump for my entire face and it was perfect full coverage. I was shocked. I needed no extra product to cover any spots and I could’ve probably gone without concealer as well. This foundation lasts longer than any other foundation I have tried. It feels light on the skin but at the same time you can tell that it is on your face. It sets to a natural matte finish and it sets amazingly well without even using a powder even with my oily t-zone. This is the best super full coverage foundation I have tried. The only problem people need to account for is the oxidization and that since it is so matte, if you have dry skin it can cling to your dry patches and the longer you wear it the drier it could make your skin.

Last up is the foundation I was most excited about, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation. The first time I used this foundation I was under impressed. The application went flawlessly and the product is super creamy. It feels comfortable on the skin and it has a natural light/medium coverage finish. The foundation actually began to look better as the day went on though. I became more and more impressed with how natural it looked. The shade range is also a bragging point for this foundation as well as the contour shades they have, I mentioned one of them in my September Favorites. It is buildable and it can keep the oil at bay, but like the Urban Decay foundation, it wouldn’t do too well with dry skin because it can cling to dry patches.I would say that it is a good light daily foundation because it is not extremely long wearing so it would work well for easy, quick day-to-day use. It did fade around my nose, mouth, and jawline after about 6-8 hours of wear so be weary of that if you need your foundation to last longer than that. For a college student, this is the perfect, easy foundation to throw on before your 8 am classes!

So there you have it! My complete reviews of the three new foundations that I hauled recently! If you have any other questions about any of them just comment below! I’d also love to know what new foundation you have tried lately and how it worked out for you! If you have tried any of these foundations I’d also like to hear how they worked out for you and it could be helpful to other readers hearing another input.

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