All the New Foundations: Ulta Haul




Something amazing happened in the town I go to college in over the summer…. We got an Ulta! So now I only have to drive five minutes to go to Ulta instead of 30 minutes to go to the one in the next town over. This is both an amazing thing and a very very dangerous thing! One amazing thing that has resulted from this is the 20% off coupon they gave out on opening weekend! I used my coupon to purchase these foundations I have been dying to try:

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation in 2.0: This foundation has been all over Youtube recently! Everyone is trying it and I have seen mixed reviews but mostly good things so I wanted to try it for myself! I made sure to swatch a few shades and let me oxidize before I decided on what shade matched me. It’s a good idea to test the shades before you purchase because on me the foundation oxidizes about two shades! I’m hoping for good things with this one.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in Linen: There was a Clinique rep in the store that helped me pick out this foundation. I told her I wanted a full coverage natural finish foundation and she said this would be perfect for me. She even color matched me to their lightest shade because I wanted it to match my fall/winter color instead of my quickly fading tan I am still sporting from the summer! I’ve really been interested in full coverage lately and I can’t wait to find one I love!

Anastasia Stick Foundation in Beige: These foundation sticks just came out a couple weeks ago and I had seen on Instagram where Ulta had put out a select number of shades early in their stores so this was the first product I grabbed up! I love stick foundations and I love Anastasia Beverly Hills so hopefully I will love this foundation. I’m glad I was able to swatch the shades before I bought because based on swatches I had seen on social media I thought I would’ve been a shade darker than the color that ended up matching me.

Anastasia Contour Stick in Fawn: I also picked up the contour sticks that she released in the same formula. I went with fawn which is the middle shade out of the three she released. When I swatched this one in store fawn was a bit warmer than shadow and I like a bit of warmth in my contour. This formula blended out amazingly well on the back of my hand so I have high hopes for how it will perform on my face!

If you can’t tell I have been a little foundation crazy recently! I’d love to know what your favorite foundations are! I would also like to try out the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Foundation since I love the primer so much and the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation has been on my list for forever but I rarely get the chance to visit a Sephora since there isn’t one in my town. I’ve been struggling with some dry patches on my face lately so a recommendation for a foundation that won’t cling to my dry patches and make them stand out would be greatly appreciated!


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