New Makeup Storage & Organization

For back-to-school this year I did very little clothes shopping. Instead, I decided to buy a new organizer for my makeup! I wanted a container that was clear acrylic and that could hold all of my makeup! I was tired of the tiny three drawer containers that I had picked up from TJMaxx because so much of my makeup could not actually fit in the drawers! I did my research and found this beauty on Amazon.

This is probably the biggest box I had ever received from Amazon! I was overjoyed at the size and depth of the drawers! At first, I did not even think that I had enough makeup to fill it up… I was wrong I have plenty to fill it up! In fact, all of my makeup except for my big palettes went into this container perfectly. For my palettes, I actually use an acrylic letter/file holder to display them so I use them more often.

The quality of this container blew my mind! It has quite a bit of weight to it even without anything in it. The only downside is that since it is acrylic the products in the drawers will slide all around when you one and close the drawers. To solve this issue, I bought some cute drawer liner at Walmart and cut out pieces to perfectly fit each drawer! This solved the sliding problem and also increased the cuteness level!

Beautify, the company that made this organizer, also makes them in various other sizes. I purchased the extra large size but they also have smaller sizes for those of you who have smaller makeup collections! I definitely suggest checking them out on Amazon if you are looking to update your makeup organization and storage.

The six tiers allowed me to separate my makeup into categories. In the first tier, I display my lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip liners. Next up, are my primers, concealers, and foundations. The third tier is what I call the eyes drawer. It contains mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadow sticks, smaller palette, eyelashes, and my brow products. My powder drawer is next, I store all of my bronzers, blushes, highlighters, and face powders in here. After that is face palettes and cream face products in the next drawer. Finally, in the last drawer, I have my liquid lipsticks, Buxom lip glosses, and any palettes that didn’t fit in the palette/letter holder.

That is my new makeup organization and storage. Since I have everything in one container now I have noticed I am not just using the same products over and over again! I love this new set-up especially at college where I have limited space, this organizer keeps everything in one, neat place.

Let me know what you use to store your makeup! I love hearing about creative ways to organize!



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