Bare Minerals Gen Nude Review




My best friend picked up a gloss from the New BareMinerals Gen Nude range to wear for her wedding and she was raving about it so I knew I had to try some products from the new range. I didn’t end up picking up a gloss from the range but I did pick up two Matte Liquid Lipcolors and two Radiant Lipsticks. With beautiful packaging and wonderful nude shades this new range is attracting lots of attention!

In the Matte Liquid Lipcolors I picked up the shades Boss and Juju. The first time I tried these on I was so impressed with the formula! They are so comfortable on the lips. They are in no way drying and are definitely the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I have ever tried! They don’t last as long as the other, more drying liquid lipsticks I have but that is to be expected with how comfortable they are on the lips. There is also a bit of transfer but that doesn’t bother me too bad especially since they are nude shades. If you are looking for a comfortable liquid lipstick that won’t dry out your lips then these are for you!

In the Radiant Lipsticks I picked up the shades Panko and Strip. Again the color range for these are wonderful! The radiant lipsticks are more sheer than your average lipstick. They are super comfortable on the lips and glide on the lips. They don’t last as long as the Liquid Lipcolors but that’s expected. A couple things that I have noticed about these is the size of the lipstick is a little large for my lips particularly. I have to be careful and stay in the lines of my lips when applying them. I have also noticed a smell with these that is different than the Liquid Lipcolors, these seem to have a more chemically smell. It bugs me a bit when I first apply them but quickly fades as I wear them which is good.

Overall, from what I have tried from this new Gen Nude range I have loved and if you love your nudes as much as I do you should definitely check out this collection! If you would like me to get my hands on some of the Buttercream glosses to review let me know and I’ll pick one or two up!


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