Colorpop Haul & First Impressions






Colourpop is a brand I hear all over Youtube and various blogs. So this past month I decided to pick up some various lip products to try out these inexpensive products. I think everything was either five or six dollars. I was really excited to try out not just the Colourpop products but the Kathleen Lights collaboration lip products. I love her channel and her views on Colourpop products really swayed my decision. 

I knew I definitely wanted to pick up shades I would wear so as you can see I ended up with a variety of pinky nudes and I couldn’t be happier with the shade range they have. First on my list is the new Ultra Satin Lips in the new Kathleen Lights Collection that included Alyssa, November, and Point Zero. Point Zero is probably the most different lip color in my whole collection I’m really excited to make it work this fall! 

Next up in the liquid lipstick category is another Kathleen Lights collaboration, Lumiere 2. The last two liquid lipsticks I picked up were Echo Park and Beeper. Both these shades looked so good in swatch videos I had watched and I knew I needed them in my life. 

Next up are the lippie stix that I decided to get. These are Colourpop’s stick lipsticks. Of course on the trend of Kathleen Lights I picked up Lumiere and Aquarius. I picked up Hype Girl because I was drawn to the brighter nudey peachy color. I also wanted to try so of the other formulas that they had so I got Kiddo which is a sheer formula and Cami which is a matte x formula. 

Along with this haul I was going to do a first impressions but I think I am going to wear them over the next month and then do a review post instead that way I can give you more information so you can decide if you would like to try any Colourpop products. If you would like lip swatches with my full review just let me know in the comments! 

I’d love to hear your opinion on the Colourpop products and if there is any other products from them I should try out! 

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