New Liquid Lipstick Love



These liquid lipsticks have probably been in three posts this week already and they will be in many more…. They are honestly my favorite liquid lipsticks and some of my favorite lip products I own. I just wanted to do a post all about them. It may not be very long but they deserve to be in the spotlight. I have the shade Crush and Stripped. They are the nude shades from the collection that I thought would look the best on me and that I would get the most wear out of. I have been wearing them a lot too! I didn’t know if I would or not with it being summer but I love topping them off with a gloss. The consistency is nice and thick which makes them super pigmented. The apply like a dream and dry super quick. They aren’t the longest lasting I have worn but that also means that they don’t dry out my lips as bad as others do which I will take any day of the week. I’m already picking out the next shades I want to pick up with Ashton at the top of the list. My favorite combination right now is Stripped with Buxom Hot Toddy on top it is literally the perfect nude lip and it lasts a lot longer compared to just wearing a gloss.

There isn’t much else I can say about these except that I love them and you will definitely be seeing more of them on my blog!

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