June Favorites





I had quite a lot of favorites in the month of June. The biggest of these being my trip to Europe. I don’t want to go too in depth into my trip in this post simply because I have about three other Europe themed posts planned over the next few weeks! But I’ll just say that it was the opportunity and experience of a lifetime!

I’ll start with my beauty faves first. I’ll start with the products that were in last month’s favorites as well. The Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Face Palette has been a favorite for the past two months because it is the perfect summer product. The cream palette works great in summer heat and is perfect for travel and I have traveled a lot in the last two months. The same goes for the Clinique Chubby in the Nude Stick Foundation. It is just so easy to use and blend in to even out the color of my skin. I’ve used it more than any other foundation this month.

Next up are some products that I picked up in Europe that will be making another appearance in my What I Bought in Europe post. The Soap & Glory Solar Powder is the best bronzer I have ever used from the drugstore. It is the perfect color for me and looks so natural. I also found my favorite concealer from the drugstore as well. It is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This concealer beats even some of the higher end concealers I have tried. It it the perfect consistency for under my eyes. It blends in perfectly and it doesn’t crease throughout the day. I picked up a Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow from Kiko. It lasts all day long and again is perfect for travel which I have been doing a lot of lately. The last product I picked up in Europe that made it into my favorites is the L’oreal Infallible Fixing Mist. I picked this up to help my makeup last all day while we were in Europe and it really helped to set my makeup and last longer.

Lastly for beauty, a few new products have made their way into my favorites that I picked up in the last couple weeks of the month and they are so good I had to mention them. Most of them will be getting their own posts just to praise how great they are and they will be featured in a Summer Beauty Haul post that is coming up soon. So the first product or I should say products since I have two are the Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks. Now I debated with myself on whether to get these are not because I thought who uses liquid lipsticks in the summer? Well I do now and it is brilliant! They don’t melt off and last so long! Really everyone should wear liquid lipsticks in the summer! The shades I picked up are nudes of course… I got Stripped and Crush. They are great with my tan and they will look great without as well. These are my new favorite formula of liquid lipstick but more to come on that in a later post. Next up is the ever so popular Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Face Palette. As soon as I saw this in her video about the collection I knew I had to have it… I’ve been dying to try the Champagne Pop highlighter and some of Becca’s blushes and this seemed the perfect opportunity and can you see the packaging? I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. Lastly, a spur of the moment drugstore purchase when I got back in the US. I picked up the L’oreal Pro Glow foundation and I am so glad I did. It is quickly becoming my favorite drugstore foundation…. The finish and the way it lasts on the skin are unbeatable in the drugstore. The color range isn’t the best but I found the perfect shade for me and my tan and I haven’t stopped wearing it since.

My non-beauty favorites basically include all items that I purchased in Europe. Since I plan to do a separate post on What I Bought in Europe I won’t go into too much detail here. Firstly, the Longchamp bags are seen everywhere and bragged about as the perfect traveling bag and I completely agree. The material cleans so easily and you can fit so much into the bag! It is almost like it’s own black hole. Another bag I’m in love with that fits inside of my Longchamp is this small leather cross body I picked up in Florence at the San Lorenzo Market. I also picked up one for my mom because I loved the style so much. It fits just your necessities: phone, cards, cash, keys, and lipstick. Lastly, are the matte black Birkenstocks that I picked up in Barcelona. I had been eyeing these in the states and when I saw them in Barcelona I decided to splurge and treat myself to them. I have worn them everyday since and could not be happier with my purchase. Birkenstocks are one of my favorite shoe brands.

This favorites was a lot longer than I intended and I didn’t even go into very much detail on some things…. Guess I’ve really missed blogging since I have been so busy traveling recently! I’d love to know if you have tried any of the products I mentioned and what your thoughts were!



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