Mac Lipstick Collection & Swatches


By now you can probably tell that I love me some Mac. My favorite product from Mac are probably the lipsticks! The are creamy and wear amazingly. They also smell awesome! I own a total of eight lipsticks. In order of the pictures I have Patisserie, Kinda Sexy, Velvet Teddy, Please Me, Brave, Tropic Tonic, Twig, and Amorous. I think my favorite is Kinda Sexy. It is perfect for the summer time with its neutral but still orangey color. It brightens up your face without being too bold for everyday wear. Ironically, I can’t find it now that I am back from my Europe trip… It may still be in Europe somewhere. If so I am so jealous! Haha

I’d love to know what Mac lipsticks you own or what your favorites are. If you have never tried a Mac lipstick before you need to go and do so! At least just go and stop by a counter to smell them!

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