What I Packed: Backpacking Edition

Just a little note I wanted to make at the beginning of this post: I am actually already back from my trip and these next couple of posts were suppose to go up during my trip but through a lack of prior planning and my trip being crazy busy that didn’t happen. And since I didn’t want to scrap them I decided why not go ahead and post them off schedule! So I hope theses are helpful if you are planning on traveling for a month or so through different countries like I did!




In my day-pack I packed the items that are important and that I would need during the flights. This included headphone, my passport, and my sunglasses in the front pocket. In the large pocket I had my camera, chargers, iPad, journal, money belt, important documents, and some pens. Just essentials and things I wanted to keep track of. I decided on this day-pack specifically because when it is empty it can fold up into its own small pocket which is really handy.

For my big backpack I went with a 46 L backpack when taking into consideration my size and strength. I still managed to fit quite a lot in this bag though! In the front pocket I had other chargers, my universal adapter, and my glasses case.

Once you opened up the big compartment I had my toiletries bag, liquids bag, my towel, and my jewelry bag. I also packed a zoom lens for my camera in this larger compartment. In the toiletries bag (floral bag) I managed to fit my toothbrush, razor, Mac Mineralized Skin Finish powder, makeup wipes and my makeup bag.

Inside of my makeup bag I had my Clinique Stick Foundation, Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette, four lipstick, six brushes, chapstick, two single eyeshadows, too faced bronzer sample size, eyebrow pencil, red lip liner, and a brown eyeliner.

Next up is my liquids bag that I had the most difficulty packing. In the end I managed to fit my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, moisturizer, night cream, acne spot treatment, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, dry shampoo, germ-x, and face wash. I also packed a comb in the larger compartment along with a pair of chacos and a pair of black sandals.

The rest of the items are sorted into packing cubes. In the smallest packing cube I fit eight pairs of underwear, two bras, two sports bras, five pairs of socks, and a bralette. In the medium packing cube I packed three tank tops, two dresses, two short sleeved shirts, and one swimsuit. Lastly, in the biggest packing cube I managed to fit two pairs of denim shorts, one pair of nicer shorts, one pair of athletic shorts, one pair of biking shorts, one pair of black jeans, a denim jacket, and one t-shirt.

You’re probably thinking what about tennis shoes? Don’t worry I am wearing them to the airport along with a pair of yoga capris, a sporty tank top, and a black sweatshirt.

If you have any questions please let me know! I will be doing some more posts based off of my trip later so keep an eye out for them! Specifically I have a tips post of things that I learned that will talk about what I packed that I didn’t actually need and what I forgot to pack that would have been useful.


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