Bring On The Cream






Spring and summer make me think of cream makeup products so when I was at Sephora this weekend I had my eye on a couple of cream things I wanted to check out. I ended up swatching and falling in love with both of them.

The first one is the Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick. I saw a blog post on InTheFrow and instantly knew I had to try this foundation. As you can see in the swatches above it is a little dark for me right now, but I also don’t have any fake tan on. I figured since it is getting closer to summer and I will be getting a tan I should pick up a darker shade. I ended up going with the shade 07 Capacious Chamois. From swatching it on my arm I can already tell that it is super creamy and it blends out really well using my finger tips. The packaging makes it great for travel and throwing in your purse for any touch-ups throughout the day.

The other product I picked up is the Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Palette. I don’t know how many people I have seen raving about this product. It has been on my wishlist ever since it came out and I am so excited to try it out. I picked up the shade 20 because the contour shade seemed to warm for me in the next shade up. As soon as I swatched these I was in shock by how creamy they are. I cannot wait to try these out on my face. It comes with a matte highlight, a contour, a shimmer highlight, and a blush shade in the most travel friendly packaging I have ever seen.

If you want me to post a review of these two products after I’ve had the chance to try them out let me know! Also let me know what your favorite cream products are for the spring and summer!


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