Mini Haul: Lovin’ The Lip Glosses


With it being spring I have really been loving the glossy look, but I own very few glosses. However, over spring break I solved that problem and picked up a few things.

I ended up getting five NYX Butter Glosses… I got three at Target and loved the formula so much that when we stopped by an Ulta I got two more… The shades I went with range from nude to peachy pinks. They are Fortune Cookie, Creme Brûlée, Sunday Mimosa, Tiramisu, and Peach Crisp. If you would like to see swatches I would be more than happy to do a swatch post for you! The last gloss that I picked up is from Buxom. It is one of their Full-On Lip Creams in White Russian. This is the shade that so many youtubers go on and on about so I have been waiting to pick one up and try it and it might just be my favorite lip gloss ever…

The last few random items I picked up are a Mac Lipstick in the shade Kinda Sexy. I have been wanting another Mac lipstick and I had my eye on this one and when I automatically reached for it at the Mac stand I knew it was meant to be. I swatched it and fell in love. This is going to be the perfect nude shad for spring! It has the perfect peachy undertone to it. Also it looks great with Sunday Mimosa over top. Another NYX product I picked up is their HD Concealer in the green shade for color correcting. Since color correcting is all the rage right now I thought I would test it out and seeing that I tend to be a little red especially when I have blemishes I thought the green would be perfect for me. Last but not least is a new hair product. I grabbed the Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Finish Texture Spray. Since I recently got my hair cut shorter again with way more layers I need something to put some volume and texture back in my hair so it doesn’t fall flat and this product does the job and smells amazing!

As you can see I have really been into lip glosses lately and I already have my eye on some more shades of the Buxom glosses because they are just so darn good! Let me know what your favorite lip glosses are!

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