March Favorites


I’ve had quite a few new discoveries and re-discoveries this month that I am really excited to share with you! I even have a few non-beauty favorites.

Fiona Stiles Luminous Foundation Concentrate: Since I have started fake tanning a little this spring I have needed a darker foundation. I wanted to try out this foundation based off of Tati’s video she did over the Fiona Stiles brand so I decided to get a darker shade to match my fake tan. I love this foundation so far. My skin looks so good and it is the perfect shade. It blends like a dream and looks just like my skin would. It’s a medium coverage I would say and it lasts really well through out the day. I tend to get a little oily in my t-zone but that happens with most foundations I wear anyways. If you want to try something by Fiona Stiles I definitely suggest her foundations!

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue & It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream: I have been mixing these two foundations in order to get that darker shade since I mentioned that I have been fake tanning. They work so well together. The BareMinerals lightens up my It Cosmetics CC Cream and I have been loving wearing these two together on days I don’t want as much coverage.

Mac Mineralized Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle: This has been the only highlighter I have used all month. It has been the best rediscovery! I’m in love with the peachy, bronzy color it has going on and it looks great with the darker foundations I have been wearing too!

CoverGirl Supersizer Waterproof Mascara: This is the only mascara I took with me on Spring Break and it was perfect. I have used it a majority of the month this month. I really think it gets better with more use. I don’t have to worry with it smudging or running down my cheeks when I’m working out and sweating either!

Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel Liner: This is the first eye liner I have purchased since Christmas and I’m so happy I did. It is so easy to use and it doesn’t budge once it sets into place. I like using it as an everyday step to add more definition to my lash line. I’m really considering getting a brown color to get an even more natural look.

Rimmel London Oh My Gloss Clear Gloss: Spring time always makes me want to bring out the glosses and since I don’t really have very many options when it comes to gloss in my makeup collection I have been using this clear gloss from Rimmel over almost every lip color I have worn this month and it is great at giving me that glossy, full lip look!

Morphe MB39 Brush: This has become the brush that I use everyday to apply and blend my foundation and concealer. It blends everything so easily and I don’t have to use as much product as when I use my Beauty Blender so I have really been loving this brush this month!

Pixi Glow Tonic: I tried this recently and I loved how it helped my skin. It is so refreshing and I looked forward to applying it everyday in my skincare routine. Though I do love this product, the price tag and the fact that I went through it in under a month doesn’t work well for me. I am going to see if I can find something for just as good that will maybe last a little longer! If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel: This has become my favorite moisturizers! I just love gel moisturizers. This one makes my skin feel so hydrated and it smells great too. It makes for a great last step in my skincare routine.

Boots Botanics All Bright Radiance Serum: This is another new skincare product that I have been loving this month. I use it every morning and I really think it is doing a great job at brightening my skin and giving me the radiance I love.

Steve Madden Ecentrcq Sneaker: I have had a recent obsession with sneakers. Not the sporty or lace up kind the slip-on casual but cute kind (if that makes any sense). I have had my eyes on these Steve Madden ones for forever and I was in Dillard’s recently and found them but they didn’t have my size. I was honestly so tempted to get them even though they were they wrong size… They were just that comfortable and exactly what I was looking for. Thankful my mom was there and directed me to order them online from Amazon and I did and I haven’t looked back. These sneakers can dress up a casual outfit or dress down a dressy outfit and they go with almost everything I own. I’m in love.

Keds Chillax Basics: I stumbled on these a couple weekends ago and I had seen them before multiple times and had always just never bought them. This time they had my size in the white and I figured they would go with whatever my Steve Madden sneakers may not go with and they were on sale (bonus!). So I got them and I think I may love them more than my Steve Maddens (just barely)! They are the most comfortable shoes I have every owned and I kind want them in every color…

Bullet Journal: This has been a new task I have taken on this past month. If you ask any of my friends or family they can tell you that I am very organized and I love a good list. This system of journaling combines both of those and adds in some creativity as well. A lot of my friends say a journal like this would stress them out trying to keep up, but I absolutely love it. It helps me feel like I have my life together and helps me to de-stress. If you haven’t heard about this before and you are an organizational freak like me, definitely check it out!

It has been a great month and I can’t believe it is already April and I only have a month left in the semester it’s both exciting and frightening! Let me know how your spring break went and what you have been loving this past month!


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