Bring On The Denim

THE DENIM JACKET: I have always been a denim lover, but never owned a denim jacket. So with denim really becoming a big trend I decide to find a good denim jacket. This one is from Target so it was a great price and I absolutely love the way it fits me. The color is that perfect not too light not too dark shade of denim.

THE CHAMBRAY SHIRT: I seem to get a new chambray shirt every year because I wear mine out every year. This one is from Maurices and it is my favorite yet. It fits me perfectly and it is super soft. I’m hoping I can get this one to last longer than my other ones!

THE BOYFRIEND JEANS: These jeans are my favorite pair of jeans I own. They are the girlfriend style from American Eagle and I wear them at least once a week if not more. They are perfectly broken in and ripped. I can even travel in these jeans and that is saying a lot!

THE BUTTON-UP SKIRT: This is my newest edition to my denim collection. This skirt is from Forever 21. I was on a mission a couple of weeks looking for a denim button up skirt that was long enough that I felt comfortable and still not too long for my short legs. It also had to be a casual denim color, not too light and not too dark. A tall order, but this skirt fit the bill.

With Spring arriving I have probably been wearing some form of denim everyday of the week and I’m loving it. Most days I have to make sure I’m not wearing too much denim. I can get away with double denim, but triple denim is pushing. Haha.

How have you been incorporating denim in your Spring style this year?


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