Starting My Health Journey 

I started this journey at the beginning of this spring semester. I weighed my heaviest at 147 lbs. I am only 5′ 2″ so this weight put me in the overweight category on the BMI scale. The pictures above are my before pictures. More than just the number on the scale, I was unhappy and uncomfortable in my own skin. I was aware that I need to to do something to increase my health and make me happier.

My roommates and I decided we would workout together three days out of the week. On top of that, in my health psychology class we were assigned a project to get healthier. This project included working out five days a week and attending weekly peer counseling meetings. With the social support from my roommates and the academic motivation, I started my health journey.

My health goal is to get my weight down to 130 lbs. and decrease my body fat percentage. There are three main parts to complete my health goal. The first part is diet. Diet is how you lose weight. My health psychology professor helped my calculate that I can consume 1500 calories a day in order to lose a pound a week. Losing a pound a week is the healthiest way to lose weight and keep the weight off.

The other two parts to reach my health goal are cardio and strength training. I have been doing 15-30 minutes of cardio after what ever strength training I have scheduled for that day. Most of the time I complete this cardio on the lateral stair climber and the stationary bike. Strength training is where my love of planning comes in to play. I pair arms with abs and legs with shoulders. I alternate the sets that I am working on everyday I work out. For example, on Sunday and Wednesday I focus on arms and abs and on Monday and Thursday I work on legs and shoulders. My schedule doesn’t allow for me to workout on Tuesday so to complete my five days a week my roommates join me for a fun game of racquetball on Fridays.

This post keeps getting longer and longer because I could go on and on. So I should probably end it here. My journey had been going great so far. I’ll be doing updates over the next few months. I also plan on talking about my diet and how I have improved what I’ve been eating as well as some of my favorite pieces of workout gear. If you have any questions or any additional ideas for related blog posts please comment below!

2 thoughts on “Starting My Health Journey 

  1. Just thought I’d chime in to offer some encouragement because I have similar stats.

    I’m 5’2” also. I started a little higher than 188! Now I’m down to mid 130’s. I’m not sure what my end goal is, but I’d like to get to 120’s.

    Great great idea to start with friends!! Me and two of my closest childhood friends lost weight all at the same time and it was a huge help. We actually started our blog together too to offer tips to people on the same journey.

    You can do it!!

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