New Year, New Inspiration

New Year, New Inspiration

A new year needs some new inspiration and I have been really inspired this year by some wonderful people! 

Firstly, Madeline Shaw the author of the recipe book Get The Glow and her own website has been a major inspiration. I have really kicked up my health and fitness this year (expect a post about this later!) and her recipes and Instagram pictures are super inspiring and encouraging. Next, is Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup on YouTube channel and blog. She is probably my role model in the YouTube and blogging world simply because she is so organized and I love her attitude toward everything and I admire her passion in everything she does. She also manages to a new blog post everyday! Superhero anyone? 

The last two people are Allegra Rose, who I follow on Instagram, and Jess from Sunbeamsjess on YouTube. I love their styles so much and honestly wish I owned  every single thing in their wardrobes! Allegra Rose’s photography and art has also been super inspiring to me. Last but not least, I have inspired myself recently with stepping up my photography and really getting back into the art involved in photography! 

I hope you all have found some inspiration in this post and maybe you will find something new you can be passionate about! Let me know what has inspired you this new year! 

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