Post-Christmas/New Years Sales Haul







Every year after Christmas my family goes on a trip to Dallas to hit the Post-Christmas/New Year Sales! Usually it is just an all girls trip, but this year my dad, brother, and aunt got tickets to a football game so we had the boys tag along. I know have guys around isn’t ideal for a shopping trip, however they weren’t that bad and they will be allowed back again haha….

The sales this time of year are always the best and we definitely did a lot of shopping. This whole holiday season whether it be for Christmas or my own shopping I have really been oriented on higher end beauty. I don’t know why… I think it has just been what I’ve had my eye on lately. Unfortunately, Sephora doesn’t really have a sale this time of year besides marking down their sale items a little more. Luckily for me I was gifted some money for Christmas so I was still able to buy a few of the beauty items I have been wanting to try out like the Becca Backlight Priming Filter and the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. I also picked up the Original BeautyBlender and the Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette from my Dear Santa post. The last makeup item I picked up in Nordstrom. I decided to purchase the Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation to give a little more coverage to the light coverage bases I have really been enjoying recently.

The last item I was looking for in Dallas was a bigger makeup bag. I really liked one of the holiday ones that Sephora had this year but they sold out of that one before I could get one so I had to find a different one. I stumbled upon a Vera Bradley store in one of the malls and some of their prints were 50% which is where I found the perfect makeup case. It is huge. I tested the size in store by seeing if it would fit the Kat Von D palette I just bought and it fit with room to spare. It also has a nice lining which will make it easy for cleaning. The print reminds me of a peacock with the different shades of blue and I thought it was super cute. The price wasn’t bad either seeing as it was marked down to $15.

Our second trip to a TJMaxx (mine and my mom’s favorite store) turned up the Humans of New York Stories book and a new adult coloring book! I was so excited when I spotted these because I own the first Humans of New York book and I follow him on Facebook. It is great for someone who just loves photography and stories about all different kinds of people. I am super excited to read through all of it! The coloring book is so pretty! I use coloring books in some of the classes I take at school because the teacher likes to keep both sides of our brain working with open conversation in class and then another project to do with your hands that doesn’t involve words and coloring is perfect for that!

In the same shopping area of TJMaxx was a Sally’s Beauty Supply so we popped in because I am out of my favorite lashes, the Ardell Babies Black lashes, and I have been looking for the Seiche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Nearly every beauty youtuber I watch uses this top coat and I have always wanted to try it so I finally found it and picked it up! Now I am super excited to paint my nails!

The last item I got was bought morning we came home (New Year’s Day) on a impulse, but I couldn’t be happier. We decided to stop at a mall before we left to check out the Dillard’s New Year’s Day Sale. I didn’t find anything in the sale so I just walked around the rest of the mall and stopped in Fossil to see if they had any wallet phone cases. My dad just upgraded to the iPhone 6 and the one thing he wanted for Christmas was a leather wallet phone case. Unfortunately, they were either too expensive, didn’t have enough card slots, or he just didn’t like them. So we decided to put it off until the Dallas trip. Up until this morning we still hadn’t found one, but luckily I stopped in the Fossil store and found the perfect one. He thought it was perfect too so he got a brown one with his initials on it. Meanwhile, while the initials were being put on his one of the workers showed me hers and how easy it makes everything at college and I was convinced. I purchased the navy one (which was on sale) and I got my “K” initial embossed on the front in gold. So far I am still very much in love and this will probably remain the best impulse buy I will ever make.

I hope you had an amazing time shopping the sales and found some great deals! Let me know what you found and what products you are looking forward to trying in the New Year! A Happy and Blessed New Year to everyone!

6 thoughts on “Post-Christmas/New Years Sales Haul

  1. omg you’re so lucky to get the Shade and Light palette! I’m really hoping they come out with singles soon- the banana powder is to die for! Loving your blog 🙂

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