New Year’s Resolutions










Firstly, I just wanted to address the photos because they don’t seem to go along with the subject of “New Year’s Resolutions” because they are Christmas lights. I honestly couldn’t think of what photo(s) I could pair with this post and I had just gotten back from a trip to Garvan Woodland Gardens who do the absolute best Christmas lights in the state so I thought I should just throw in my favorite pictures from the trip… Now let’s get into why you really clicked on this post, to read about my New Year’s Resolutions. Quick side note: Some will be cheesy.

My New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Start a fitness routine. I know this is the most cheesy resolution ever, but it is something I plan on doing in the New Year. Hopefully, since I shared it with all of y’all it will make me feel obligated to stick with it!
  2. Be more positive. Stress is unfortunately a part of my life especially when I am at school and I am aware that if I stay positive it will greatly reduce my stress so that is a goal this year.
  3. Make more friends, be more social. These two go hand in hand. I am not a social person. My personality type is INFJ. To figure out with that means click this link. I enjoy staying in my room or with my set, small group of friends and I want to work more to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people.
  4. Work on my photography. I have really neglected the photography side of my blog lately and I want to pick it back up in the next year. Whether it be going on my adventures and documenting or just taking pictures from day-to-day. I miss photography outside of taking my blog photos.
  5. Help others in need. These days I have been feeling that I focus far too much on myself and the track I am on and the goals I want to accomplish that I forget about friends who need my support or the people who struggle with their basic needs. I am making it a personal goal to be there to help those who need it.

These are my five resolutions. I could probably make a list a mile long with things I could be doing better, but you have to start somewhere and this is where I chose to start. If you have any suggestions and ways to help me with my resolutions please let me know! Also I would like to know what your New Year’s Resolutions are! I hope you all have an amazing and blessed year.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. The photos are so pretty! I also loved the link you put about personality type, mines INTP. I love you new years resolutions, good luck with them! -Tash x

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