What I Got For Christmas





I want to start off with saying how very blessed I am. I have amazing family and they were very generous this year with all the gifts they got me. I also want to add in before we get started a simple disclaimer. In no way am I bragging about any of the things I received this Christmas I just love reading and watching these posts every year so I hope y’all will enjoy this one.

Let’s start with the beauty first! I was so lucky when it came to the beauty I received this year. I got three different gift sets including the Too Faced Most Loved Set, Becca Glow on the Go, and Origins Bestsellers. I also got the Becca Ombre Rouge Eyeshadow Palette and I can’t wait to do a Makeup Lineup using these shadows! In my stocking I also received another one of my favorite eyeliners the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner which is great because I just ran out! Finally, the last beauty items was from an amazing friend and she got me a Bobbi Brown lipstick! I was so surprised and I absolutely love it!

On to everything else I got for Christmas now. My mom got me some clip on sunglass lenses for my glasses and they look just like aviators! I am in love and it makes wear sunglasses when you have to wear glasses so much easier! Next, my grandparents got me a Joby tripod and a remote control for my camera. This is going to help so much when I am taking pictures for my blog! I can stop stacking books for a tripod! My parents also got me the Instax Mini 8 camera that I have been want for forever and I couldn’t be happier. I also received a Thunderbolt/Ethernet adapter and a phone charging case from my parents as well.

The two big items that I received this year. From my grandparents I received a new Vera Bradley Tech Backpack and from my parents I received the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Fiona Bucket bag. I am so thankful for everything I received this year and could not wish for anything more than spending this time with loved ones. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! For links to some of the items I received check out my Dear Santa post I did a few weeks ago!

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