Going Blonde


Shocking… I know! I went blonde recently though not on the first try… I have been considering going blonde for awhile now. My mom is a natural blonde, I have had heavy blonde highlights before, why not? What really pushed me to schedule the appointment was the numerous people who I follow on social media who have made the switch from dark hair to blonde. I thought if they could pull it off then so could I… So it started.

In my first appointment we realized that my hair loves to be warmed toned which wasn’t going to work because I wanted a cool toned blonde. So we bleached my whole head with a low level bleach and toned it which made my hair a warm gold color which you can still see a little of in my hair now. Then we went in with a  stronger bleach in sections so we didn’t damage my hair and toned it again. I ended up with a mix of slightly warm/ gold hair. That was where we stopped to protect my hair. Over the following two weeks I used purple shampoos and hair masks to keep my hair healthy.

The second appointment was two and a half weeks later. We used the strong bleach right of the bat in bigger sections, after which she toned my hair very carefully with a slate colored toner. This gave me the cool blonde I was wanting from the beginning. Due to my hair masks and my hairdressers natural products, my hair is in even better condition than when I started this process. I tried my best to capture what color my hair is now and I got really close, but it is still a little bit cooler than what is showing in the pictures.

I am absolutely in love with my hair now and everyone I know seems to have fallen in love with it too! Now I can finally test out the theory that blondes have more fun! haha

Have you been thinking about making any big changes to your hair recently?

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