Makeup 101: Cleaning Your Brushes


I have been on the hunt for an affordable brush cleaner for as long as I can remember. I wanted to to still work amazing and not leave any residue in my brushes. I finally found it when I was searching through youtube videos about cleaning your brushes and I found this video by Tati. She discussed how this cleaner is basically the same as the infamous Cinema Secrets brush cleaner.

The cleanser she raved about is the Face Secrets Cosmetic Brush Cleaner. I found it at Sally Beauty Supply just like she said in the video. This brush cleaner is an amazing price too, it is only around five dollars! Now it is only four fluid ounces but if you clean your brushes regularly (every two-three weeks) then it should last you up to four-five uses! Now the first time I got this cleaner was also the first time I had cleaned my brushes in probably three months if not more… I know yuck! I ended up using a whole bottle of the stuff to get my brushes clean, but this cleaner worked wonders and they were as good as new when I was done.

If you are looking for a new brush cleaner that is as amazing as a more expensive brand from Sephora I highly suggest this cleanser from Face Secrets!

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