Christmas Inspiration Board

Christmas Inspo Board

This holiday season I have really been all about the cozy scenes. I cannot wait to finish up this semester and head home where I can spend time with my family and cozy up by the fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate. I’ve also been missing the absence of our Christmas tree as you can tell by the various trees through out the pictures. Overall, I just want to have a lovely Christmas holiday away from school and enjoying my family. As far as people go I have really been loving the Instagram posts by Allegra Rose, she is super artistic and I fall in love with every picture. My other people love of the month is Lucy Hale, she has been my favorite person for the past few months. She seems so down to earth and I love that about her! Now I could write a whole post on Adele’s new album and how I absolutely LOVE it but I will just leave it with the album cover that is absolute perfection.

All these pictures and more have inspired me this holiday season. What has given you inspiration for the upcoming holidays?


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