I’ve Been Nominated?


Recently I was nominated for the Liebster Award. I honestly could not believe it when I got the comment on one of my recent posts! I was so happy I was honestly speechless! When I started my blog I never even imagined I would get very many viewers yet last week I hit 100 subscribers! I am so thankful I get so many amazing people commenting such nice things on my blogs!

The Liebster Award is an award that is meant to encourage each other to write and discover new and upcoming blogs! It is presented to bloggers by bloggers with 200 or less followers. Below are the rules for the award:



So to start I want to send out a massive thank you to the 16 year old lifestyle blogger The Perks of Life! She has an amazing blog and you should really check it out!

The blogs I would like to nominate these wonderful blogs:

  1. Lipgloss & Trenchcoats 
  2. The Bees Nhiss
  3. The Everyday Life of Rachel
  4. The Perks of Life
  5. BeeBeautifulll
  6. A Makeup Moment
  7. Pretty Pleased
  8. Makeup by Maddie  
  9. KDB Beauty
  10. Septemgirl 
  11. Beauty Insomnia

The questions I was asked to answer are:

  1. What is your favourite Christmas past time memory?
    • Definitely has to be the Christmas Eve two years ago that it snowed here in Arkansas! That is so rare here!
  2. What is your favourite Christmas food?
    • Christmas sugar cookies! I have a wonderful homemade recipe that goes with an equally amazing homemade frosting recipe
  3. Who is your celebrity crush?
    • It can still be McDreamy from Grey’s right?
  4. What is your winter wardrobe staple?
    • Scarves, boots, and more scarves and boots
  5. Who is your inspirational icon?
    • I really get inspired by artistic Instagram pictures like the ones Allegra Rose posts
  6. What is your favourite Christmas home comfort?
    • Cuddling with my puppy dogs, watching Hallmark movies, and drinking hot chocolate.
  7. What is favourite Christmas bake?
    • Same as my favorite Christmas food! Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?
  8. What do you want most for Christmas?
    • To spend an amazing holiday with my family! I miss them so much when I am away at school!
  9. Sour or sweet?
    • Sweet!
  10. What’s your one must have beauty item?
    • If I could only have one beauty item it would probably have to be my Burt’s Bee lip balms. I absolutely can’t stand chapped or dry lips!

The questions I would like the people I nominated to answer are:

  1. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
  2. What is your favorite decoration on your tree?
  3. Are you a red or green person when it comes to Christmas colors?
  4. What is your favorite hot beverage at Christmas time?
  5. What is your go to lip color for the holiday season?
  6. Favorite scent that embodies Christmas to you?
  7. What gift are you hoping for this Christmas?
  8. Are you traveling this Christmas and where to?
  9. What is your favorite Christmas sweet?
  10. When do you start playing Christmas music?
  11. On a scale of the Grinch to Santa how excited are you for Christmas this year?

Now for 11 random facts about me:

  1. I am a Sophomore in college
  2. I play the ukulele
  3. I play the piano
  4. I’m pretty artistic
  5. I’m also get pretty good grades
  6. I love to sing
  7. I started playing Christmas music at the beginning over November
  8. I have three dogs and a cat
  9. I have a little brother
  10. I like to practice yoga
  11. Food is a hobby of mine

I still can’t believe I was nominated! Good luck to everyone that has been nominated and I can’t wait to read your answers to my questions!


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