Occasion To Dress-Up: Halloween

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This Halloween I was all about the extreme makeup. I saw this amazing video on a half skull face and I knew that was what I wanted to do. I loved the contrast between the skull and my glam makeup. I think the red lip contrast has to be my favorite. The only thing I added to this look from the video is the lashes I added on the skull side. They are the same as the lashes I used on my glam side I just took a cotton bud and pulled it apart and added some of the cotton into the lash to make it look like a cobweb.

This makeup took me a good two hours… Probably because the face makeup I used wasn’t very good quality. It only cost $3 at Target. I followed the video to the best of my ability. The blending didn’t work to well so I just mixed up some grey instead of trying to blend together the black and white and having it flake off my face. I did just a half up messy bun and wore a grey/black/white high neck sleeveless shirt that I picked up from TJMaxx with my black high waisted American Eagle jeans and some black lace up wedged booties I have had forever!

I absolutely loved how this look turned out! And it turned out that my party was on Thursday the 29th so I can have this post up in time to help any of you that need a last minute Halloween costume idea! Everyone loved my makeup and couldn’t believe that I made it look so real.

Let me know what you did for Halloween this year!

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