I’m Having a Shoe Moment


If you don’t know already I have a great love of shoes. Any shoes really. This summer I have done quite a bit of shoe shopping as you can see above. Most are sandals but I have also got a couple pairs of boots too. I am in love with every pair in fact the chacos pictured were in my August favorites.


The Birkenstocks I got about a month ago for about 75% off! Yes I was very happy and could not pass them up. They also make my feet look super tan! The Lucky Brand ankle boots I found at TJMaxx. I don’t remember how much they were marked down but it had to have been a decent amount for me to pick them up. They are literally the perfect fall bootie. I can’t wait for fall to get here so I can wear them everyday! Finally, these chacos were a birthday gift from my parents. Though they did find them 50% off another plus! I love sales! My university is purple so they thought they were perfect for going back to school and they were right!


The brown sandals I don’t even know the brand or the name of the store I got them in. I just know I was downtown in Hot Springs, AR and I walked into a cute store and spotted them and knew that I had to have them. The sale price of $15 didn’t hurt either. They are super comfortable and great for that summer/fall transition. Next are the fringe boots from my dreams. These boots I got to model along with various other clothing at a local boutique in my home town this summer. The owner gave me 50% off of one item for modeling and I chose these boots! If they weren’t 50% off I wouldn’t have been able to afford them. I am definitely going to be alternating between these two new pairs of booties all fall! The final pair of shoes I got I had been hunting and hunting for. I knew I wanted a pair of black sandals with tan bottoms. I also knew I wanted them to be faux leather and to have the straight strap over the toes. I finally found them when I was browsing the sale section on Urban Outfitters and I fell in love and they had my size! The are not the most supportive shoe but for how cute they are I can manage!

Let me know what shoes you have been loving this summer and what shoes you are looking forward to wearing this fall!

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