Top 5: Makeup Brushes

DSC_0028-2 DSC_0030-2

Brushed can improve any makeup look by 100%! They make those products that are hard to work with easy to use! If I didn’t have these brushed my hands and my face would be an absolute mess by the end of it all..

My favorite brushes from left to right:

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush: This eye brush is used every time I do my eyeshadow. Whether I use it in the crease or to blend or to apply color all over the lid. This brush does it all. There is nothing left to say except I can’t go without this brush.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: The perfect foundation brush. That’s right I have named this brush the perfect foundation brush. It is true. It perfectly blends in any foundation that I use whether it is a liquid formula or a more gel like formula. This brush blends it all. I can even blend in my concealer with it as well.

Real Techniques Fan Brush: Have you been searching for that perfect brush to apply the perfect amount of highlight? Well I have found it! This fan brush lightly dusts the perfect amount of any highlighter onto your cheek bones and anywhere else you may want highlighter. A downer is that I can’t find this brush or the Core Collection Set anywhere on Ulta or the Real Techniques website so it may have been limited edition…

Real Techniques Setting Brush: Ahhhh… The best brush for setting under your eyes. This brush fits perfectly under my eyes to set my concealer so I have no worries with creasing or my dark circles shining through. It also fits really good around your nose as well if you have any concealer you need to set there like I do.

E.L.F. Shadow Brush: The best shadow brush ever for the best price ever. This brush is a dollar. That’s right $1. I use this brush with colors that I want to pack onto my lid and it works magnificently! I would pay way more than a dollar for this brush because it is worth so much more.

I hope this helped anyone that is looking for some new brushes or maybe someone who is just starting out with brushes and needs some help getting started. By the way, all of these brushes are from the drugstore!

Let me know what brushes you can’t live without!

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