The Sunday Post: Paddle Boarding

DSC_0079 DSC_0087

Paddle boarding. Is it an activity or a sport? Whatever it is I have fallen in love with it. I always thought of it as something you did when you vacationed to beaches on the ocean like Hawaii… I was so wrong. It is something you can do on any body of water whether it be a lake or a pond, though I wouldn’t suggest a swimming pool.

On the weekend of my birthday this past month, one of my dad’s friends brought up his paddle board to the lake we were at for the weekend. I was immediately in awe. I was seeing something I thought only happened in Hawaii. It was getting pretty late and the sun was setting, the water was a chillingly cold temperature but I knew that I had to try paddle boarding right then. As soon as I was on the board I realized it is quite a bit harder than it looks. You have to focus on your balance the entire time. Don’t even get me started on the freakout that occurs when boats pass by leaving me in their wake. No matter the difficulty I was obsessed. I spent the entire weekend on the paddle board (at least when I wasn’t sharing with my dad or brother).

By the next lake weekend my dad had found an amazing price on a paddle board and we decided to split the cost and get it. Best decision all summer. I’m in love with paddle boarding. It is all I want to do now. I paddle up and down the lake and in the quiet times when I am out in the morning I practice yoga. It is the perfect calm, peaceful environment. If only I lived by the water all year around. Unfortunately, my discovery was made on the last two weekends I had in my summer. Now as I get ready to head back to school I dream for the next time I get to get on the board. I have to remind myself that it will be here before I know it…. I’ve even considered getting a wetsuit so I can still go in the fall and early spring, but I think that may be going a little too far….


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