How I Paint My Nails

DSC_0230 DSC_0231 Recently, I have really gotten into painting my nails. It is so much fun to change up the color to match whatever you are feeling or wearing. I have found a process that works really well for me recently too.

First, I start with a base coat. The base coat I have been using is the Pure Ice Bottom Line Base Coat. I’m not exactly sure of the science behind using a base coat but I know that it makes my polish stay on longer than it would if I didn’t use a base coat. Secondly, I apply two coats of whatever color I chose that day. I really don’t have any particular favorites when it comes to polishes. Most of mine are all under $4. I have one Essie polish and I love the formula I just can’t make myself spend over eight dollars on a nail polish. Finally, I let my color dry then I apply a top coat. The top coat I have been using is the Pure Ice One Stop Shop 3-in-1 Top Coat. Any top coat works. I have quite a few different ones.

I have found with this process my nail color lasts a lot longer and looks a lot better than just slapping on some color and calling it done. It is also really relaxing to go through the process of painting my nails! In fact, I am about to paint my nails and toenails for a wedding I am going to this weekend! Let me know of your favorite drugstore nail polish brands!


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