The Sunday Post: Long-Term Art Project

DSC_0162 DSC_0163 DSC_0164

This art project was started my senior year in high school when I took an Advanced Art class. I love art and I love to incorporate multiple mediums in one project. This project started with an idea to make a photography journal, starting with my pictures from my trip to New York.

First, I found an old encyclopedia book in my art room. From there I tore out all the pages that had pictures or maps on them so I was left with only words on the pages. Next, I glued a piece of canvas over the cover so I could make my own cover. From there I decided to go with the definition of adventure seeing as how adventures are what these trips are.

I am so happy with how the end result turned out and I was so excited to add pictures. Currently, I still only have the pictures from my New York trip in the book. I still need to add in my St. Louis, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman pictures to the book as well. I’m hoping this post will prompt me to do so! *Fingers crossed*

I hope this post has inspired you to do something creative with the pictures that you take on all your adventures!

Let me know of any other creative ideas to show off the pictures I take on my own adventures!

P.S. This post is pretty late, but I thought better late than never!

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