Bring On The Green

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Lately, I have really been in love with plants. I have been pinning pictures of succulents left and right. My followers are probably tired of seeing pins of plants. Recently I found the perfect container to hold a couple of succulents in HomeGoods on clearance so immediately I knew I was going to grab it and plant me some plants.

The idea of adding something living to your space at home creates a great welcoming environment. When I’m working on the blog or watching Youtube videos I just feel instantly more relaxed when I am in my bedroom (where the plant is). More so relaxed than in any other room in the house. I want to add plants to every room in the house now!

After I got the container, I looked everywhere in my hometown for the kind of succulents I was looking for. I live in a very small town. Super small. Our biggest store is Wal-Mart. Anyways, I finally remembered to go looking for some when I was in a bigger town one weekend. And I found the perfect ones at Kroger! I was so excited. As soon as I got home I grabbed the potting soil and I planted my plants! I added a couple of rocks just to add some more texture and dimension since the plants are also a decoration in my room!

I am so happy with how my plant project turned out! I definitely plan on bringing my plants with me back to college and adding more in our living area! My room at college really needs to be as relaxing and low stress as possible so the more plants the better.

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