The Sunday Post: Lovin’ These Sunglasses

DSC_0077 DSC_0075

I have found a love for sunglasses this summer! It probably came along with getting contacts. I do not have a huge collections and all but one pair were under $15. I just haven’t been able to let myself spend a lot of money on sunglasses if they aren’t prescription sunglasses. Unfortunately, I don’t have links to any of these glasses.

My all time favorites are my prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses (on the far right). They are the first and only expensive sunglasses I have ever purchased. They fit my face perfectly and I feel great and confident when I wear them.

My next favorite are the cheap non-prescription dupes I found for my Ray-Bans. I found them at TJMaxx. The brand is Steve Madden and that is all I know about them. These are perfect for when I want to wear contacts but I also want to have the look of my expensive Ray-Bans, a win-win.

My third pair are also Steven Madden and from TJMaxx (second from the left). I love print of these, they are a giraffe print and so cute. I wear them with everything. They also work really well as a headband if I want to wear my hair down and keep it out of my face. They don’t get stuck in my hair which is perfect. These glasses have the darkest lenses and I love that for really bright sun shiny days.

My final pair of sunglasses are the ones that I most recently purchased (second from the right). I got them in Cozumel, Mexico. They are knock-off Ray-Bans so they look like they are expensive, but I really only paid $7 for them. Yes, they have cheap qualities like the nose things (no idea what the correct terminology is) are just plastic instead of a wire with the plastic pads on the ends. I love them anyways. Firstly, I wouldn’t cry if I broke or lost them like I would with real Ray-Bans and I also love the green and blue color of the lenses.

Sunglasses are great accessories for any outfit. They can add a pop of color or pattern to any outfit. I also double mine as headbands since I can’t stand hair being in my face. Let me know what your favorite brands of sunglasses are or where you get stylish but inexpensive sunglasses!

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