The Sunday Post: Shoes of the Summer




This summer has been all about comfy shoes and I have found the perfect shoes. I wear them all the time. The only other time I wear anything else is for working out or going to church.

I basically live in my Chacos. You can do anything in these shoes! They can get wet and dirty and be perfect the next day! Birkenstocks are what I wear when I’m going out or dressing up more than normal. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and they literally embody my style in a singular pair of shoes. Ah.. the final pair are the classic white converses. Everyone needs a pair of converses. I wear them on rainy days or days where I just need that extra support that the Chacos or Birkenstocks don’t provide.

Tip on buying Chacos. If you wear a women’s size 8 or below you can get them in children’s sizes. The plus to this is that children’s Chacos are half the price of women’s! I wear a size six in women’s which is a size four in children’s. A size eight in women’s would be a size six in children’s and a size seven in women’s would be a size five in children’s.

What are your favorite shoes to wear this summer? Remember that you can never have too many pairs of shoes!

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Post: Shoes of the Summer

    1. I lay out and tan through out the summer to prevent the horrible Chaco tan lines! If that won’t work for you then I suggest some high SPF sunscreen on the tops of your feet when you are going to be outside all day in them!

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