The Sunday Post: The Trouble with Lip Gloss


Lip gloss is a love or hate product in makeup. It could be sticky, thick, too pigmented, not pigmented enough, too glossy, too glittery. There could be a thousand and one things wrong with lip gloss. For years I have managed to avoid the glosses in their entirely, until this summer.

I wanted an easy product that wasn’t bold or super pigmented, but I also wanted a product more pigmented than a lip balm or chapstick type product. This list led me to lip glosses. I have never had good luck with lip glosses. They are either too sticky or too pigmented or too thick. I was determined to find something that worked for me. I thought maybe if I try glosses from a brand I don’t usually but from I can find something perfect since others haven’t worked for me. So that’s what I did. I chose the Covergirl Lip Glosses.

At first I was drawn to the colors, so bright and summery, I loved it. When I swatched them it got even better, they had just that perfect amount of color pay off that you could tell that it adds that hint of red, orange, or purple to your lips without being that statement lip. Overall, I was ecstatic! I found the perfect lip gloss! Finally! And in the drugstore no less!

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