Good Morning Skincare Routine


I absolutely love a good, refreshing morning skincare routine to wake you up in the morning! Recently I have gotten back down to the basics of skincare. A cleanser, a toner, a acne spot treatment for those pesky spots that just won’t go away, and finally a moisturizer is all I have been using and it seems to be working very well for me.


I start my routine with the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash. It is gentle and really wakes up my skin in the morning. I love that it causes no irritation to my skin while still cleansing. I splash some water on my face then I squeeze some cleanser into my hands and bring it to a lather before massaging it into my face and then rinsing it off, preferably with warm water.


This Neutrogena Rapid Clear Toner really is a two-in-one. It says it fights and fades and that is just what it does. I have noticed I significant difference in my acne scaring and my acne generally stays at bay except for a few of those pesky spots that pop up every now and then. It is super refreshing and removes any dirt my cleanser may have missed. I just apply it to a cotton pad and wipe down my skin, paying close attention to my acne prone spots.


My final acne fighting step, at least in the morning, is the Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment. This is a powerful little bottle. You need the tiniest bit and only on the spot you need to make disappear. If you apply too much then you risk the chance of drying out your skin and no one wants to deal with dry patches.


The final step to my morning routine is the Nivea Soft Moisturizer. I always come back to this moisturizer. It makes my skin so soft and smooth. It is perfect and simple and causes no irritation to my sensitive skin which I am all for!

Overall, this routine is simple and basic but it works for me. Maybe after I keep my acne in control I will venture out into the world of skincare. For now, I am enjoying the simplicity and ease of this routine.


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