Book of the Month: Basic Yoga by Glenda Twining

DSC_0069 DSC_0064 DSC_0065 DSC_0068

If you cannot tell, I have been really into yoga this month. I have actually been pretty obsessed with yoga since the beginning of 2015. I just recently have been working on getting back into the routine of doing a yoga practice everyday. Whether it is a full workout or just a couple vinyasas and then working on my Pose of the Month.

Recently, I was in Books-A-Million and I saw a book called Basic Yoga by Glenda Twining on the sale stand. Immediately I knew I was getting the book. I have a need to learn as much about what I am doing as I can and I figure this book could help me go through a basic practice without the guide of a video. That is exactly what this book has helped me do.

This book is all about yoga mixed in with some fitness training to enhance the yoga poses. It is great. It claims to have age reversing abilities. I cannot really vouch for that seeing that I am only 18, but I do feel very energized and ready to take on the world after going through the routines she lays out. I’m loving the extra quiet I get from not listening to a video. It is literally just me and my yoga practice. Occasionally, I will have some quiet music playing in the background. I just love the simplicity of the routine as well as the descriptions that are provided of how these poses help your body and your overall health. It’s a magnificent book and I am ecstatic with my sale purchase!


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