My Top 10 Youtube Beauty Gurus

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My entire blog started from watching tons of youtube videos. I have quite the obsession with watching beauty tutorials, hauls, and monthly favorites. These are all my favorite people that I ALWAYS stay up-to-date with on youtube (most have their own blogs as well). You will also notice that quite a few of them are British. Yes… I do love a good British accent!

Vivianna Does Makeup: Anna is my current obsession! I just find that we have so much in common. Her videos are simple and very conversationalist. You really just feel like you are sitting down and having a chat with a friend. She is also the youtuber that introduced me to my all time favorite yoga youtube channel, Yoga with Adrienne.

Lily Pebbles: Lily has the photography and video technicalities down. Her photographs make everything look so beautiful and full of life. She is Anna’s best friend so you see a lot of them in each others videos. They also do quite a lot of collaborations. I just cannot get enough of this dynamic makeup duo!

Hello October: Susie has got her style on point lately. Everything I see I want in my closet! I love her blogs that include all the wonderful places she goes to eat. She is also great at makeup tutorials and really making everything simple but beautiful.

I Covet Thee: Alix and Susie are another fantastic makeup duo! They are always visiting each other and they have so much fun that I want to jump right in and join them! Alix is amazing when it comes to hair. I love her hair and wish mine looked like hers so bad. She has a great layout to her blog as well as her youtube channel.

Claire Marshall: I am definitely obsessed with Claire. She is the no nonsense, this is what is going on. I love her titles and subjects she blogs about. It is just so different than the normal “Favorites” or “Haul.” Her videos have their own unique style that I could pick out anywhere! She is amazing, unique, and very creative. She is also a cat lover which I definitely stand by!

Amelia Liana: Amelia is hilarious! She is always having fun and up to something! Her wardrobe I would love to have in my closet! She is a master of the smokey eye and going out makeup looks. I marvel at her makeup skills. She definitely knows what she is doing. If you are lucky you might even catch a glimpse of her dog, Duke. He even has his own Instagram.

Essie Button: What a cute name for a cute girl. Essie is one of the first beauty youtubers that I stubbled upon! She is not British, instead she is Canadian! Though she does live in England now. I loved how she started in the drugstore aspect of beauty and then slowly but surely entered the high end range. Essie is definitely very quirky! When she is with Amelia they have all kinds of fun!

Zoella: Zoe has the best accent out of all of them! I originally fell in love with her hair before I even knew about her youtube channel! It was all over Pinterest and the internet. If you googled ombre hair there is a 99.9% chance her hair will be there. Now most of the hair is gone but I am still around because she is just amazing! Her beauty videos are simple and put together. She makes everything seem so effortless.

Tanya Burr: Tanya has started her own makeup line since I have been watching her! I think the very first video of hers that I stubbled upon was a Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial and from then on out I’ve watched everything she has uploaded! It’s incredible to think that many of the people I watch started out on youtube like Tanya and now they have books and makeup lines!

Tati: Tati is here in the US with us and Claire. I found her when I was looking into drugstore makeup! She reviews and tests anything from drugstore to high end! And she is all about some coupons! She has reviewed so much that she can definitely tell you what is the best out there. Her collection is astounding. I absolutely loved watching her Makeup Graveyard series where she cleaned out her collection.

These girls are beautiful inside and out. They try out makeup and let everyone know what they think then they do tutorials to show us how to apply it. They are who I go to for beauty help! There are also a few others I watch from time to time that aren’t strictly beauty, but we will get to those in a later post!

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