The Sunday Post: Scary Movie? Pass me a pillow please!

Last week on my day off I was spending the day with my best friend, Katelyn. She had the idea of wanting to go see the new movie Insidious: Chapter 3… I wanted to do something, go somewhere, so I agreed. Now keep in mind I hadn’t watched a scary movie in an entire year.

Before the movie started there were the previews. Of course the previews of a scary movie also had to be scary. I seriously needed a pillow. I was covering my eyes. I did not want the nightmares that I knew were coming. So I made it through the previews (without seeing most of them). Now for the movie… I’m going to try my best not to spoil anything.

It starts and I am handling it okay. It helps that I had seen the first two movies so I can follow the story line and make connections. As the movie moves on it isn’t too bad but then it happens. Spoiler alert! She is hit by a car. I thought she died, but they wouldn’t make it that easy. No she just broke her legs. Thus, making it impossible for her to get away from anything trying to harm her. And you can guess how the movie continues. Night after night as the “demon” comes, she cannot get away. It’s terrifying. The entire movie I was either covering my eyes or watching Katelyn’s face to judge her reaction. I probably didn’t fully watch more than 30 minutes of the movie.

Thankfully, we got some amazing ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery afterwards. That made me feel so much better. Even though I still get a little freaked out before I go to bed at night. That should fade, but I think I am done with scary movies for the foreseeable future! To save y’all from that fright, I decided not to add a picture with this post. I know I wouldn’t want to see scary images when scrolling through the blogs I follow.


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