Top 5: Yoga with Adriene Videos

Yoga with Adriene

I have decided to start a Top 5 series here on my blog! Every week, until I run out of top 5 ideas, I will have a list of my top 5 in the category I decided on. This week it is Yoga with Adriene youtube videos.

These videos are what I use to guide my yoga practice when I do not have a class I can go to. They help me advance and grow in my practice. Her voice is calm and soothing. If I wasn’t careful she could probably talk me to sleep. I love the way she explains each pose. You know why you are doing this pose and what it helps you with. She is also really good at giving different strength options, based on if you are a beginner or if you have been working on your practice for a long time.

1. Foundations of Yoga: My current favorite video is a group of videos. It is her playlist for the Foundations of Yoga. These are videos that focus on one pose. Whether you are just learning this pose or you just want to get back to the foundation of the pose to strengthen it, these videos are amazing. She explains everything step by step, very clearly. Just a little hint, my yoga pose of the month is a Foundations of Yoga video!

2. Weight Loss Yoga- Total Body Workout: This video works every part of your body and if you aren’t used to yoga you will be sore the next day. Even if you are used to yoga you will probably be sore the next day! The video is an hour long with a consistent flow of movement. You flow with your breath through the moves. She even gives you alternative options with harder poses. Before you know it you are breaking a sweat and then a little bit later the practice is over.

3. Yoga for Weight Loss- Abs & Arms: When you want to target certain parts of the body, she has videos for that. I have really been working on my abs and arms lately because those muscles help with any other yoga practice. You will use your abs and your arms for a lot of your strength in any practice. This practice in particular focuses on building up the strength in those places in your body.

4. Yoga for Abs- Six Minute Abs Workout: This video is short, sweet and right to the point. If you want to work on abs and you don’t have a lot of time. This is the video for you. Or maybe you did a slow relaxing practice today but you still want to through in some strength building. Turn on this video. You can even repeat if you want a longer abs workout.

5. Morning Yoga- Energizing Morning Sequence: This sequence is the perfect sequence for those mornings when you just don’t want to start your day. It gives you that extra push to have a great day. You break a tiny bit of a sweat and get your heart racing just enough to forego your morning cup of coffee. I always have a great day after I wakeup and go through this sequence.

Adriene has many more videos but these are my favorites and the ones I always come back to. I’m sure if you check out her channel you will find a practice that is perfect for you!

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