Mini Vacation Beauty Haul

DSC_0063 copy

Even though our vacation was to various places in the Caribbean I still managed to buy some beauty products along the way. Most of the beauty products were picked up at a Target before we got on the cruise, but the perfume I got in Cozumel, Mexico.

DSC_00711. Sonia Kashuk All Matte Palette: Whenever I’m in Target and walking through the beauty I see this palette and I fall in love with the concept of all matte… So I finally convinced myself to go ahead and get it this time and so far I am not at all disappointed. But, I’ll let you know more later. It may even pop up in a favorites video.

DSC_0065 copy

2. E.L.F. is a brand that I have always loved. You cannot beat the prices and the products are actually pretty great! Since I had summer and heat on my mind as we were on our way to vacation when I saw this cream blush and bronzer and it screamed summer! I already knew I loved the powder version of this blusher and bronzer so I thought with that price why not!


3. This brush was the reason I was in the E.L.F. aisle in the first place. I needed a new blush brush badly. The one I had been using is not the right shape for my checks and I kept picking up way too much product. An E.L.F. brush instantly came to mind. The angled blush brush is the right shape and the perfect price. So far its completely perfect. I see a favorites appearance in its future.


4. This was not an expected purchase but it is my absolute favorite purchase. This perfume is one of the only two perfumes I wear. It has to be my all time favorite perfume ever. Before I purchased this bottle all I had was a travel bottle and it was getting really low. I saw this bottle on sale and knew I was getting low so I bit the bullet and I purchased it and I am so glad I did! I can already tell you this is a favorite and it always will be!

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