Growing Watch Collection 

On my recent vacation I finally purchased the Fossil watch I had been eyeing for a very long time (it was 50% off!). So I thought I’d do a watch collection… If you can call three watches a collection. But I love fossil watches so much that I already know it is going to keep growing! The pictures of the watches below are directly from the Fossil website, they were much crisper and clearer than I could get myself.

My first Fossil watch I bought on last summer’s vacation on the cruise ship. It’s called the Georgia Three-Hand Leather Watch in tan. It is an very everyday style and super comfortable. I loved the fact that the leather band mean’t I didn’t have to get it sized!


My next watch I asked for for Christmas from my parents. It’s what I would call my fancy watch. All gold with a nice, simple, classic look to it. It’s called the Dress Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch it is in gold-tone.


And finally the new addition that I just purchased before the cruise. It is tortise shell with a little bit of bling. It’s called the Stella Multifunction Resin Watch. This watch I am probably most proud of because it was 50% off and they sized it for me in store, for free!


So far another watch hasn’t caught my eye yet but I’m sure it won’t be long, I do have a birthday coming up!


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