Color Experimenting 

My first experimenting with color was when I decided to dye the ends of my hair pink… Right before Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong I throughly enjoyed it but the rest of my family had other opinions. So I have decided this summer would be the perfect time to start experimenting again.


This time I’m focusing on non-permanent and non-long lasting. Basically I’m focusing on colorful makeup. Now I’m 100% a neutral girl so you may not think this is extreme enough but I’m fully okay with just some subtle color. Really any colors out of a neutral range is improvement for me.

So I’ve purchase a navy and a purple liquid eyeliner from the Ulta brand and since all I ever wear is liquid eyeliner I’m hoping they will be easy to incorporate. Next I have the Lorac SummerGlo palette. It has a couple of blues, a purple, and a coral. They aren’t as highly pigmented as the shadows in the Lorac Pro Palette so hopefully I can make these looks subtlely colorful.

DSC_0073 DSC_0075 DSC_0076

Wish me luck! I’ll let y’all know how my experimenting goes! If all goes well maybe I’ll have a Summery Colorful Makeup Tutorial soon!

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