Ship Happens 

Once you get past the cliche title… This post is a journal from the cruise my family just went on for vacation. It was our second cruise and probably won’t be our last. I personally love cruises. The only people you know are those you come with and there is food everywhere… And don’t get me started on the shopping in Mexico.

On to the many adventures of the trip:

Day 1:  Before we even got on the boat, my dad was doing his usual last minute shopping. He NEEDED a straw hat and a Hawaian floral shirt. Well we found the hat at a Walmart but unfortunately no floral shirt. 😔 Now fast forward to dinner, funniest part of the whole day. We are at the fancy dinner and our desserts just arrived… My dad, not being a sweets person, orders the cheese plate (btw, why is there a cheese plate on the dessert menu? This is either to fancy for me or they are crazy). The cheese arrives, it looks fancy, my dad tries it and instantly states, “This is good cheese,” seemingly in a state of shock at how good this cheese is. My brother tries it and he reacts the same way. They are literally in awe of a plate of cheese. As the finish off the plate and my brother comes down to the last bite he states as serious as he can be, “I think I should save this forever.” We then convince him to eat it and he can just order it again the next night. After that eventful meal we decided to end this long day by tucking into bed.


Day 2:  It is “Fun Day At Sea Day One.” For the most part all I did today was layout in the sun, which was mistake number one. It was super windy so it never felt very hot… mistake number two. Finally, mistake number 3, I used spray on sunscreen on a windy day. All of these equal a sunburnt Kayla. The back of my upper legs and my upper back are super red while various other places just gotten slightly burned. This was discovered after my four hour afternoon nap (the sun is very draining). Tomorrow should be full of lots of shade and hopefully some blog work! *fingers crossed* My Aleve kicks in tonight so I can comfortably sleep. On a happier note… It was formal dinner tonight! I managed to get some pictures of the meal when I could stop myself from digging in (the sun also makes you very hungry). After dinner we headed to the theatre and watched a Motown Show. It was very entertaining and very well put together! Now we have dragged ourselves back to our rooms to go to bed.

Elegant Picture with the Captain and Cruise Director

Day 3: Today was a great relaxing day. My sunburn is doing somewhat better. I relaxed behind the DJ up in the shade all day. It was just what I needed! For lunch I got some pizza and then some frozen yogurt. It was delicious. Dinner was just as good. I had Fried Shrimp for my appetizer, Beef Lasgna with whipped potatoes for my main meal, and then a slice of cheesecake for dessert! Overall I am stuffed. After dinner we went to the late theatre show again and this time it was 80s themed! Now to sleep because tomorrow is our first port of call, Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Day 4:   Montego Bay was amazing! The town itself that we rode through was kind of sketchy in some parts but the snorkeling excursion was great! I have to say that the buying an underwater camera for this trip was the best decision ever! I took so many pictures! I can’t wait to pick out my favorites to share with yall. We were also able to buy some cheap Jamaica t-shirts which is always good! Now I’m completely exhausted (I even skipped the late night show) and can’t believe we have another excursion tomorrow in Grand Cayman!


Day 5:  I have discovered that stingrays are not my cup of tea… We went on a string ray excursion in Grand Cayman today and it was great for pictures and my brother and dad had a blast but fish with sharp pointy tails don’t appeal to me. I got in the water long enough to get some good pictures hten it was back on the boat for me! Overall, today was pretty great though! I got some great pictures, it was elegant night this evening at dinner, we went to a late show, and then joined the Mexican Fiesta Deck Party! The best part is I don’t have to wake up till lunch tomorrow! The it’s time for shopping in Cozumel!!!


Day 6:  Cozumel is absolutely my favorite port! Probably because I am a shopaholic… We woke up late had some food and then set off into Cozumel. First, we just looked around them we got down to the shopping. My goal was a pair of fake Raybans, some cloth headbands, and a new ring. And I did it all! We found some Raybans for $10 each at a street vendor outside the main shopping area as well as some headbands for $3 each! We wanted to make sure and do our jewelry shopping in the main shops for safety reasons and we (my mom, my nana, and I) each found a ring we liked and then we bargained it down to a price we were willing to pay and everyone was happy! Especially the store because later my mom and Nana came back and bought matching earrings! We also ended up with some tank tops from Piraña Joe’s and I picked up a bottle of my perfume for 10% off! I have to declare this port a win all the way around!

Day 7: The final day on ship was super relaxing! I managed to get a little sun even though it was summer hot… The rest of the day I just hung out on the Lido deck outside with the family and listened to the bands that were playing. They also had and ice sculpture demonstration and some fun dancing! Before I had to get ready for dinner I decided a nap would be great. After my nap I got ready for dinner then watched a band play by the casino before meeting up with the family for our last dinner on the ship! We loved our waiters so much and made sure to get pictures with them after dinner! Finally, we ended the night with the ship’s talent show! Everyone was surprisingly really good! I was very impressed! My favorite was this 10-year-old little girl that sang Taylor Swift’s Blank Space! She sang very well and even danced! She was like a mini Taylor Swift. The cutest part was when she changed some of the lyrics to fit 10-year-olds! At the end of her performance she made sure to put in a plug to her various social media sites! For anyone wanting to check her out she said to search Paige Brooklyn.

Steel Drum Band
Steel Drum Band
DJ T-Lake
DJ T-Lake


Our wonderful waiters and waitresses (Erasmos, Eva, and Pattira)
Our wonderful waiters and waitresses (Erasmos, Eva, and Pattira)

This vacation was much needed and we all had an amazing time but it will feel good to be home again as well! I’m just hoping next year’s vacation will be as good as this one!

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