Blogging Fail.

This is just going to be a short post to say that I really need help with this whole blogging thing. Trying to start a blog the summer before my Freshman year of college was not a very good idea. Another bad idea was not setting up a schedule. Well I am going to try and change that! I have a whole summer… Starting after my seven day cruise… To set up a schedule and get into a routine with this blog!

What has really sparked me to start a blog is reading all the beauty blogs of the you tubers that I watch. They are amazing and so informative. The pictures are spectacular and I literally want to go out and buy everything they rave about. Another push to get this blog started is my college friends and just my new life in general. I want to document these years. I am making so many friends and having so much fun!

What should you look forward to? Routine upload dates. Cute pictures (This will be a learning process). Hopefully helpful information. An insight into my life and the things I love.

Brainstorming some ideas for subjects to blog about:

  • Yoga: Yes, I have started yoga classes and I am in love, 100%.
  • Food: My life revolves around the meals I am going to eat. I love food. I love cooking (mainly baking).
  • Photography: I LOVE taking pictures of anything and a blog is a perfect way to present these photos.
  • Adventures: Vacations and random trips with family and friends are one of the things I love most.
  • Beauty: Obsessed may not be a strong enough word for how I feel about makeup and other beauty products.
  • Fashion: Apparently I am a fashionista (Maxxanista, I love TJMaxx). Friends and family ask my opinion so I guess if I can help someone else out who might want some help that would be great.

That about wraps up this summary of me absolutely failing at a blog! But I am not giving up! I will not quit. Let’s see if I have what it takes to make this blog something great!

Not quite sure if I should throw in a picture or not with this post so here is an inspirational quote that I love…

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