First EVER Blog Post.

Quick introduction. My name is Kayla Alyse Wilson. I reside in good ole’ Natural State, Arkansas. My hobbies that we hopefully share are makeup, hair, photography, and art! I enjoy spending time watching Youtube videos on those subjects as well.

Reasoning. I’ve decided to create my own blog simply because I want to see if this is something I would enjoy! I considered Youtube videos but I tend to be camera shy, so blog was the next best option. I love reading some of the blogs of various Youtubers (Is that a word?) I like.

Goal. I want to entertain and receive feedback from readers about my topics. I also want to share what limited knowledge I have gained in my 18 years. I just enjoy other peoples opinions so I thought I would share my own in the hope that others would enjoy my opinion as well!

Lack of Knowledge. I actually know very little about how a blog works so this learning process should be interesting! All I know is from a post I read by Lily Pebbles on her blog just today. So if you can suffer along with me…. Maybe this could turn out to be something great!

Well I guess it’s time to end my first post and start wondering what to do for the next one!

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